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As insider thefts like the WikiLeaks debacle grow in magnitude, cyber attacks proliferate, advanced persistent threats persist, and targeted attacks increase, our approach to securing the enterprise must evolve.

It's not enough to set up a strong firewall and watch who or what is coming or going. You must have total visibility into what is happening across your enterprise and beyond as cloud services become operational. Traditional security measures are not enough.

Gartner says you need enterprise security intelligence. Enterprise security intelligence puts security solutions in the context of today's post-perimeter world to your business, geography, vertical and your unique IT infrastructure, be it physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid.

But what exactly does enterprise security intelligence entail and how can your vendor partner make it work for you?

In this program, leading experts from Gartner and Q1 Labs explore how your enterprise can leverage security intelligence. They'll look at how security intelligence addresses compliance, growing cyber attacks and insider threats, and why your strategy must look at the entire security intelligence lifecycle, before, during and after exploits.