Effective Security Monitoring Requires Context

In this vendor-neutral report, Gartner analyst Mark Nicolett says the rapid discovery of a breach is key to minimizing the damage of a targeted attack, but most organizations do not have adequate breach detection capabilities. The addition of user, data and application context to security event data will increase your ability to discern abnormal activity that is associated with a breach from the background noise of normal activity.

Download this report to learn more about the key findings:

  • A typical targeted attack will exploit multiple weaknesses in order to achieve the ultimate goal - usually to steal data or compromise a specific account.

  • Since perfect defenses are not practical or achievable, organizations need to augment vulnerability management and shielding with more-effective monitoring.

  • The addition of context, such as user, application, asset, data and threat, to security event monitoring will increase the likelihood of early discovery of a targeted attack.

Access the full report to learn why organizations should integrate context sources for user, data and application with their SIEM deployment.

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